Monday, December 6th | 06:05 pm
Word on the twittersphere is that Terriers was cancelled.

Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) to Shawn Ryan (Terriers showrunner)

Hitfix has an article on it here.
Sunday, November 14th | 08:37 pm
According to the composer for "Terriers", FX is counting emails sent to:
regarding the fate of the show.

See this page for more information.
Sunday, October 3rd | 12:43 pm
Hi, fellow Terriers fans! *waves* Nice to meet you :)

So, I made a few icons from episode 1.3, Change Partners. I'm not particularly adept at icon making, but this show is so pretty it's hard to resist. Enjoy! (And many thanks to pintsizeninja @LJ for the screencaps!)

Sunday, October 3rd | 03:41 pm
Just a handful of icons from the Pilot, courtesy of [personal profile] twincy 's screencaps. Enjoy!


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Thursday, September 30th | 03:00 am
Episode reactions, discussion, flailing, general panic & freaking out: post 'em here!

We've only got a handful of members, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if there's interest.

episode summary + promo )

Comments will contain spoilers.
Wednesday, September 29th | 12:21 am
Great new promo video for Terriers!

Wednesday, September 15th | 12:32 pm
Title: Kissing For Practice
Rating: Adult/NC-17
Words: 1223

Read it here
Monday, September 13th | 10:44 pm
Terriers 1x01 - Pilot
600 caps

resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
samples: one, two, three.

[ download ]
Sunday, September 12th | 06:24 pm
Have a couple icons! I'm not really an icon maker, but I like have something apropos when I'm discussing a show. I'm sure someone else will come up better icons eventually, but these will do the job for now. No need to credit me....

I really enjoyed the first episode, and I'm looking forward to seeing it every week. It's been quite a while since I've felt that way about a new show. Alan Sepinwall has a good review up here, as well as interviews with Donal Logue & Michael Raymond-James and Ted Griffin & Shawn Ryan.