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Name:Terriers (FX)
Location:California, United States of America
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Community description:Fan community for FX's comedy/drama Terriers.

[community profile] terriers is a community for FX's drama/comedy Terriers. We welcome episode discussion, fanworks, picspams, and general flailing.

This community is open to all fanworks (fic, icons, etc.) of all flavours, including crossovers and RPF. Just make sure the central focus of the work is on at least one of the Terriers characters or actors.

Please include a header with fic posts, stating, at minimum: character(s)/pairing, rating, and any warnings you see fit.

Spoilers for upcoming episodes and episodes aired within 24 hours of posting must be placed under a cut.

This community is not assiociated with FX Networks or the creators of Terriers. We're just here to spread the love.

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britt pollack, donal logue, fx, gretchen dolworth, hank dolworth, katie nichols, kimberly quinn, laura allen, michael raymond-james, ocean beach, terriers
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